MAY 2013


For the second year in a row, Redemption Choppers donated a completely handmade chopper motorbike for the AIDS fund raising auction.

The motorbike, a Special Low Rider called Azzurra, requested over 500 hours of manufacturing and was conceived and built especially for the charity event that AMFAR organized every year within the Cinema Against AIDS show in Cannes.

Azzurra was auctioned by actors Rosario Dawson and Adrien Brody and it was adjudged for 600.00 euro.


Redemption is a fashion company founded by three childhood friends, Bebe Moratti, Daniele Sirtori, Vanni Laghi. They decided to work together to establish a fashion company because they loved fashion and wanted to work for charity too.

Via Circo, 7
20123 - Milan